Miswak - Sewak : 25 Individually Vacuumed Packed Miswaaks : Natural Flavour Box

Subtitle: As Sunnah Miswak - Traditional Natural Toothbrush

Miswak - Sewak : 25 Individually Vacuumed Packed Miswaaks : Natural Flavour Box
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Product Information
As-Sunnah Miswak:
The feature product of As-Sunnah Products : Hand picked from the best available raw material, Individually Vacuumed Packed  with exclusive processing to maintain it's freshness with all it's benefits, in practical, attractive packing.  Available in flaours  Natural, Lemon, Clove  and Peppermint.

Potential Dental Benefits With Regular Use:
Research shows that the bark of the "Toothbrush Tree" contains on antibiotic which suppresses the growth of bacteria and the formation of plaque in the mouth. Research also suggests that the regular use of Miswak significantly reduces plaque, gingivitis, and the growth of cariogenic bacteria. No toothpaste required! Miswak, naturally contains many components such as fluoride, astringents, detergents, resins (a possible enamel protectant) and abrasives.

Physiological Benefits:
* Improves the sense of taste * Sharpens memory and intelligence * Assists in digestions * Improves the eyesight * Improves the health and luster of the face of the continual user.

How to use:
Simply scrape off bark from the tip (1/2"), then chew the tip gently until brush-like. Start brushing horizontally. Store vertically upside-down.

Box of 25 Individually Vacuumed Packed Miswaks. Using Siwaak (Miswak) during Ramadan by Dr. Zakir Naik

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Product Code Miswak-Natural
Condition New
Weight 0.750Kg
Binding Individually Vacuumed Packed
Genre Miswak As Sunnah
Publication Date 2010
Dimension Length 20cm each
Misc Box of 25 Natural Flavour Miswak

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