How the Quran Guides Science

By: Harun Yahya

How the Quran Guides Science
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God summons humanity to investigate and reflect upon the heavens, the earth mountain, stars, plants, seeds, animals, the alternation of night and the day, the creation of man. The rain and many other created things. “Science” offers a method by which the universe and all the beings therein, may be examined to discover the artistry in God’s creation, there by communicating to mankind. Religion, therefore, encourages science, adopting it as tool by which to study the subtleties of God’s creation.

Religions not only encourages scientific study, but also permits that, supported by the truth revealed through Islam, scientific research be conclusive and expedition. The reason being, that religion provides accurate and definitive answers as to how life and the universe came into being. As such if initiated upon a proper foundation, research will reveal the truth regarding the origin of the universe and the organization of life, in the stoutest time, and with minimum effort and energy. As stated by Albert Einstein, considered one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century, “science without religion is Islam,” but which is say, that science, unguided by religion, cannot precede correctly, but rather, wastes much time in achieving certain results, and worse, is often inconclusive.

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