Dawah to Islam & The Method to Re-establish The Islamic State

By: Sheikh Ahmad Mahmoud

Dawah to Islam & The Method to Re-establish The Islamic State
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The 377 page hard back quality English version is a quality translation including the Arabic ayat and ahadith, the original Arabic book was published in Lebanon by Al-Waie Publications, it has been published in English by Revival Publications, New Delhi.
In discussing da’wah to Islam the book concentrates more on the methodology of da’wah than its obligations and mandubaat (recommended actions). This is because the need today to have knowledge of this methodology has become most pressing and important, superseding all other aspects. The book concentrates on the ‘method of da’wah to re-establish the Islamic state’ because this aspect represents the backbone of the da’wah to Islam today. Today, under these circumstances where the Islamic state does not exist, every call that does not make the establishment of the Islamic state its pivot and the centre of its attention, is incomplete. The book covers subjects such as:
•    Enjoining the Ma’roof (goodness) and forbidding the Munkar (evil).
•    The obligation of the presence of groups that carry da’wah.
•    How to establish Dar al-Islam (abode of Islam).
•    Refuting methods contrary to the Shar’ee method.
•    The method of Islam in understanding the ahkaam (rules).
•    Is it allowed to have more than one movement calling to Islam?
•    The halaal (permitted) is not reached through haraam (prohibited).
•    Moderation and Extremism.
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Publisher Revival Publications
Publication Date 2006
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Language English

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